LSGSA 2018 “C” Class

Double Header League

LSGSA-“C” Class

General Playing Rules-Double Header League  All Divisions

Revised 011618

10 Game Schedule-12C will play on Tuesday Evenings, 10C will play on Wednesday Evenings.  Games to begin on April 17-18.  Rain Outs could possibly be made up on a different night of the week. Minimum of 4 teams per age group to make the league available.

Cost -$675 and includes practice space available to LSGSA (Legacy, Banner and Miller J Fields)

Time Limit: Double Header games will be 1 hour and 15 minutes (finish the batter)

Run Limit/Spreads

           All divisions - 5 runs scored during a teams at bat will end the half inning. 

           Run spreads are 12 after 3, 10 after 4, and 8 after 5. 

Players 10C-12C Only All divisions can field ten players, or that number less than ten available. A team must have no less than seven players to start and/or finish a game. When fielding 10 players, defense must use 4 outfielders' and, in the umpire's opinion, positioned in the outfield. All players must bat. Players not in the dugout when play begins will be added to the bottom of the batting order when the player checks in the the Official Scorekeeper. A player that leaves the game for any reason may not return and no out is charged to the team when her turn-at-bat comes due.

Injured Player(s): If an injured player is unable to continue batting, that player will be substituted with the next player in the batting order. If an injured player is unable to continue base running, she will be substituted with the last available player not already on base. Injured players spot in the batting order will be skipped without penalty of an out. Players removed from the game due to injury may not return to the game. 

Free Defensive Substitution: players may be freely substituted. 

Scorekeepers: the home team will furnish the official scorekeeper 

Protests: The home plate umpire and the official scorekeeper must be notified of a protest at the time of the infraction and prior to the next pitch, legal or illegal. 

Managers: Managers are responsible for good sportsmanship by their players, coaches and fans. Failure to show good sportsmanship by those individuals may result in the ejection of the manager. Profanity by a Manager, Coach, Parent or follower of the team will result in the immediate ejection of that individual from the game. The manager is responsible for all persons associated with their team. The Manager of each team will see that their dugout area is cleaned properly after each game. 

Participation of Players: Players not in the dugout when play begins will be added to the bottom of the batting order when the player checks in with the Official Scorekeeper. 

Tie Breaker: Games can end in a tie if the time limit is over.

An accidentally thrown bat shall constitute a team warning. Further thrown bats shall constitute a dead ball out for that player. A flagrantly thrown bat shall constitute a dead ball and the batter is out. An intentionally thrown bat shall constitute and out and ejection. 

Courtesy Runner: the courtesy runner shall be the player who is the last available, not already on base, at the time that is neither the pitcher nor catcher of record. 

 No league standings or post season tournament will be offered. 

 All teams will supply their own insurance, uniforms, equipment and game balls. 

10U - Stan Workman                816-668-5679

12U - Nathan Good                                816-309-4037   or

            Alan Wilds                                  816-695-4973